The training department is established in 2009 with the creation of M-NAV.

It is vital for producing and maintaining the high level qualifications of the ATCO’s and FD’s required for the safe conduct of the air traffic in Republic of Macedonia.

It consists of the Head of the training department and 3 instructors within the department.  When necessary, 7 OJTI’s from Skopje ACC, 5 OJTI’s from Skopje TMA and 1 OJTI from Ohrid aerodrome control help in conducting the theoretical, simulator and OJT training.

Besides the ATCO’s training (transitional, pre-OJT and OJT) and FD’s training, the training department is also responsible for creation and revision of the relevant documents, such as Unit Training Plan, Unit Competency Scheme etc.

M-NAV is using advanced equipment and technology in order to perform the assignments assigned by the State. The equipment and the environment require a lot of specialized training, which is provided by the training department. All the training has been developed in compliance with EUROCONTROL’s standards and recommendations. The training department has modern facilities at its disposal. The Pre-OJT training of Skopje ACC and Skopje TMA ATCO’s is conducted on site-specific simulator, identical to the system used in the OPS room.