Data processing systems
Information systems or data processing systems are integrated part of ATC system. Taking into consideration the fact that provision of safe and efficient air traffic is very complex process, the same one can not be imagined without sophisticated data processing systems. The data processed can be various, such as: radar data, pre-flight and flight plan data, meteorological data, technical-status data, air traffic flow data, statistics data etc.
From the above-mentioned types of data, the following equipment and systems can be listed:
  • Air Traffic Control (Radar and Flight Plan Data Processing) Systems
  • Air Traffic Simulator
  • Message Exchange Systems – AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS, SITA
  • Message Handling Systems – CADAS/Extended functions of AFTN
  • Meteorological ground and satellite data acquisition, processing and presentation systems – AWOS, ATIS, VOLMET, MESSIR, VCS 2MET
  • Systems for processing of AIS data NOTAM, SNOTAM, SDO, PAMS
  • Administrative Campus with Intranet infrastructure
  • Information Display System – IDS
  • Local technical support for CFMU and RCO terminals
  • Security Systems